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Geography has a critical role to play in helping us understand and address some of the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. Here at Ulster, our expert and inspiring staff are passionate about making a difference. If you are too, then join us.

You’ll study everything from climate change to migration, natural hazards to sustainable development. We will train you to find solutions to the issues that matter, from the local to the global.

3 Year BSc (Hons) | Optional Year Industrial Placement (DPP) | Optional Year Study Abroad (DIAS)


- Geography is the study of the Earth as the home of people. It concerns the disposition and interaction of people, resources and natural events, and places emphasis on cultural and social perspectives. It also explores the nature, scale and processes affecting physical features on the surface of the Earth, and the human element in global events.

- Our Geography degree provides a multi-disciplinary foundation in these areas and provides access to a wide range of careers. At Ulster, you have access to a range of human and physical geography modules, so you can tailor your degree according to your preference.

- A degree in geography from Ulster University opens many new doors in terms of your career choices. Geographers specialise in understanding and trying to improve society’s problems. In the degree programme at Ulster you will develop a range of quantitative and qualitative research skills, and address a range of human and physical geography issues; such as climate change, coastal erosion, conflict, development, and poverty. 

- Our graduates are employed across a wide range of fields. Many have forged careers in environmental agencies, GIS, education, consultancy, town and country planning, and public administration.

- A 2010 poll of over 200,000 graduates from UK universities found that those with geography degrees had the lowest rate of unemployment six months after graduation of any discipline polled (Higher Education Career Services Unit).