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Continuous Professional Development   |   Distance Learning

Pick from a selection of short courses and CPD modules drawn from our range of MSc courses.

CPD Modules

Many of our postgraduate modules can be taken as short courses, which particularly suit people who are interested in learning about a particular topic but who don’t want to commit to a PG Diploma or Masters. Some people take one or two modules this way as CPD (continuing professional development) or as a taster for further study. Students who successfully complete modules are normally able to transfer the credits gained if they subsequently decide they would like to continue their studies with one of our PgDip/MSc programmes. 

The following modules are available as short courses (note that all GIS and remote sensing modules run once each year; the remaining modules run on alternate years).

Principles of GIS (EGM711); 15 credits; Semester 1

Introduction to Remote Sensing (EGM713); 15 credits; Semester 1

GIS Databases (EGM717); 15 credits; Semester 1

Web-based GIS (EGM715); 15 credits; Semester 2

GIS in Business and Society (EGM714); 15 credits; Semester 2

Biodiversity Management (EGM801); 30 credits; Semester 2 2023/24

Environmental Impact Assessment (EGM804); 30 credits; Semester 2 2022/23

Environmental Data Analysis (EGM802); 30 credits; Semester 1 2023/24

Environmental Toxicology (EGM820); 30 credits; Semester 2 2023/24

Pollution Monitoring (EGM821); 30 credits; Semester 1 2022/23

Water Management (EGM822); 30 credits; Semester 2 2022/23


Fees are based on credit points. For students from the UK and Republic of Ireland (2023/24 entry), fees are £559.95 for a 15-credit module, or £1119.90 for a 30-credit one; International students are charged £1,320 for 15 credits, or £2,640 for 30 credits.

How to apply

You can apply online at

Further Information

For information on entry qualifications, content and timing, take a look at the module descriptions here or contact our postgraduate administrator Niamh McInerney (, +44 (0)28 7012 4401).

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