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This established course combines environmental management practice and theory with proven excellence in distance learning.


Environmental challenges have increased over the past due to unprecedented human impacts. A diverse range of skills, knowledge, and initiatives are needed to tackle these challenges. 

The School of Geography and Environmental Sciences (Ulster University) has proudly embarked on a long-distance journey over the past two decades to provide every person from every part of the world with the latest and most comprehensive flexible Postgraduate courses to address Environmental issues. It is a fully online and part-time course that offers lots of flexibility regarding how and when you learn. 

The course is popular with professionals in the environment sector and those wishing to find work in the sector. A key strength of the course is our use of academic teaching staff and part-time tutors working in the environment sector, such as environmental consultants. We are equipping our students with the skills to find work in environmental management and build their professional networks.

The programme has been developed to set environmental management tools into the context of how ecosystems are structured, how ecosystems /function, and the legislative/policy framework for environmental planning. The flexible nature of this course makes it especially suited to people in full-time employment. Specific objectives are to enable students to:

• Understand the importance of an evidence-based approach in developing management strategies

• Apply quantitative techniques to assess the effects of environmental management

• Produce environmental impact statements and advise on implementing environmental management systems

• Apply structured planning principles to site biodiversity management and ecosystem restoration

• Monitor pollution and assess its environmental effects

It aims to satisfy an industrial and public sector demand for science-qualified environmental management personnel who can analyse environmental issues and propose viable solutions in conservation, agriculture, forestry, industry and countryside planning.

The PGDip programme consists of four 30-point modules covering environmental impact assessment, biodiversity management, pollution monitoring, and environmental data analysis. With successful completion of these modules, students are eligible for a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management or can study for a Masters.

Over two years of part-time study, you will gain knowledge and experience of Biodiversity Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Pollution Monitoring and Environmental data analysis (leading to the PGDip). You will then have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to a genuine environmental management problem through our twelve-month Environmental Management research project (leading to the MSc). It is also possible to exit the course after 12 months with a Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) in Environmental Management or take the course as a series of stand-alone modules, building up to the PGDip over a more extended period you need additional flexibility.

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