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Marine Support Officer, National Museums NI

National Museums NI is a leading cultural institution and is responsible for ensuring that its significant collection is developed, cared for and accessible to the widest possible audience. Almost one million people enjoy our four museums each year, and through loans, research, community activity and digital programmes we engage a much wider audience than those who physically visit our museums.

Our mission

  • Developing, managing and caring for the collections

  • Playing a leading role in the economic and social wellbeing of this place

  • Making collections accessible to the widest possible audience

  • Building an organisation where people feel valued.

The Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CEDaR) is a partnership between the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), National Museums NI (NMNI) and the environmental recording community. CEDaR functions as the Local Records Centre for Northern Ireland and collects, collates, manages and disseminates environmental data.

The overall aim of the partnership is to further develop an effective, efficient, flexible and scalable solution for delivery of environmental data and recording activity (increasing interpretation of that data or information) in support of a growing range of legislative and international drivers in Northern Ireland. 

The aim of CEDaR is: To collect, collate, manage and make widely available robust and accurate spatial data sets to further environmental research and understanding and fulfil statutory obligations.


In order to fulfil the above aim, the project must meet the following key spending objectives:

  1. Greater mobilisation of policy relevant environmental data.

  2. Long term sustainable provision of necessary knowledge and skills required to deliver service.

  3. Further developing citizen/community science and environmental recording.

  4. Delivery of agreed projects and core legislative requirements.

  5. Provision of improved communications. 


Corporate Headquarters, Cultra


£30,721 - £31,352

Job reference:


Application closing date:



Generous annual leave allowance & access to flexi-time scheme.

Contractual hours:



Full time

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