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Extenuating circumstances are circumstances beyond your control which either prevented you from attending an examination, or submitting part or all of your coursework by the due deadline. It could also be the case that you attended an examination, or submitted coursework, but your performance was adversely affected by extenuating circumstances. Although often medical in nature, anything which is unforeseeable or unpreventable may be considered an extenuating circumstance (for example, a family bereavement).

Claims for extenuating circumstances should be made at the time the circumstances occurred and must be submitted not later than the following deadlines:

  • Examination – not later than five days following the examination

  • Coursework – not later than five days following the due submission date

Please complete all sections of the EC1 form below and select 'submit' when finished. 

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6. You have two options to request an extension (please select one):
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