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Funded PhD opportunities in Geography, Environmental and Marine Science, Ulster University


Aeolian ripple dynamics on Mars: remote sensing and airflow modelling using earth analogues

Assessing energy efficiency of buildings – role of remote sensing data and geospatial methods

Biomass accumulation and biodiversity on artificial structures in coastal waters and their contribution to carbon cycling

Developing a high-resolution spatial model to assess solar photovoltaic panel suitability for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs

Greenhouse gas dynamics in upland agricultural systems

Investigating the causes of Ireland’s defective concrete block crisis

Past and modern changes in North Atlantic Ocean circulation

Soil carbon sequestration: monitoring and evaluation

The role of online/social media platforms in climate change information sharing and adaptation policy in Small Island States

Unionism, Identity and Citizenship in a Twenty-First Century Northern Ireland: Brexit, Young People and the Changing Geographies of the Island of Ireland

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