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NI Civil Service Student Placements

Update on the Northern Ireland Civil Service Student Placement Recruitment (Sandwich placements)

The NICS is one of the largest employers in Northern Ireland and currently offers a range of “year-out” undergraduate student placements (‘sandwich placements’).

These placements are demanding but also very rewarding and offer something special: the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of people in Northern Ireland.

It is anticipated that we will have in excess of 100 student placement opportunities across a range of areas for the 2021/22 academic year which will shortly be made available. These will be publically advertised through our recruitment website as well as through the Handshake portal.

We would be delighted to receive your application at that time.

Alongside these opportunities, the NICS offers attractive career prospects at all levels, across a range of roles and professions. To find out what jobs are available in the NICS you can view our current vacancies on the NICS Recruitment website and can also sign up to receive our weekly Job Opportunities Bulletin. Wider career, application and policy information is also available on this website.

About The Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS)

The NICS comprises nine Departments that support the Northern Ireland Executive and Ministers. We do this by developing and implementing government policies and legislation, and delivering key public services in areas such as health, public finances, social development, justice, education, regeneration, environment, culture, agriculture, economic development, employment and transport.

All civil servants are appointed on merit and on the basis of fair and open competition.

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